Friday, November 21, 2008

Once upon a time...

Every so often, someone mentions the non-active state of my blog. I could give you all kids of excuses, I suppose. I could even tell you that blogging is apparently not my passion. But, instead, I will tell you a story:
Once upon a time, Kristine met Phil. He lives in Medford, Oregon. If you’ve met Kristine, you probably know where she’s from.
They liked each other. A lot. And so they started dating.

Things went well. A few months later, they drove to Texas at Christmas, a marathon road trip – and being stuck in a moving vehicle for hours on end another didn’t dim their enthusiasm.

Phil got to see the Palo Duro Canyon and learn how to play dominoes, Elliston-style. He won.They used a mountain of cell phone minutes while Kristine worked in Tennessee. And when Kristine finished her job in there, Phil helped her drive back. They even stopped in Arkansas to play dominoes with family. It wouldn’t be polite to say who won that round.

Sometimes, Kristine is serious.
(When she isn’t laughing.)

Sometimes Phil is serious.
(When he isn’t smiling.)

But right now, they’re pretty happy,
because Phil and Kristine are engaged.
October 19, 2008

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Vegemommy said...

Yayayayay! You posted:) Of course, you might want to add in this post somewhere that you got married... Yes, I see the October 19th date at the bottom. But Still! And, how about a lovely wedding picture posted here? I can't wait to see some wedding photos. Miss you, good to hear from you again!