Monday, September 24, 2007

Texan Michigan

It's Thursday morning, September 6, and I'm leaving for Michigan. What's in Michigan? Well, my wonderful friend Loralee, her husband Gabe, and their very spoiled, very charming dog Sophia:
On Sabbath, we went to the Eau Claire church - and I saw Brooks, who was the co-pilot on our trip to Russia. He and his wife are getting ready to head to Papua New Guinea as missionaries, where he'll maintain the mission's aircraft....
I got royally trounced at bowling, and had fun learning how to play a cooking game on Gabe's Wii (way too addictive! but aren't you glad I unlocked so many recipies???). And Lora and I even indulged in a little house-hunting expedition. Some may wonder why we were looking at a $575,000 Craftsman-style home, but that's just because we aim high. :) Oh, and I also had another job interview while I was there...

On Friday, Lora took me to Stovers, a u-pick apple farm. And even though the mosquitos were large and abundant enough to suck half of your blood supply in a single sitting, we braved the elements and picked some delicious Honeycrisp apples. Apparently, there are apple snobs in the area who consider that variety a "tourist apple." I say they need to have their taste buds examined. :)
On Monday afternoon, before heading out of town, I stopped by again to grab some more of those delicious Honeycrisp apples off the tree....

Next stop: Calhoun, Georgia! (With a little overnight stay in Kentucky...)

Miles driven to Michigan: 629
Miles driven in Michigan: 26
Length of stay: 5 days
States my tires touched the ground in: Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan
Total miles driven: 1,702

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