Sunday, September 23, 2007

Texan Nebraska (and California)

On August 26, 2007, I did it: after leaving my job and telling people I wanted to take some time off to travel, to see family and friends, I was actually embarking on my first road trip. My first destination: Nebraska, and a whole host of college friends...

I stayed with Mike, Heidi, Cora and Brianna. Didn't manage to get a family photo, but Heidi and Cora were reading a bedtime book one evening:
Cora is too funny - the first few days I was there, Heidi was working. So the girls left for Grandma's house with their dad before I came out in the morning. The second morning, I think Cora was pretty sure her parents were telling her a tall tale about their visitor. I heard her announce quite firmly, while standing outside my door, "I'm going in there." But dad said no. To which Cora replied, "But Daddy, if I don't go in there now, I'm never, EVER going to see Kristine!"

The first few days I visited Allan, Wendy, Elijah, Matthew, Benjamin and Josiah. (Don't be fooled by the pink - baby Joey is just doing his best impersonation of a girl due to a diaper malfunction.)Matthew is a pretty quiet little guy at first, but I knew I'd made an impression when he asked him mom "Is auntie coming over again today? She's taking FOREVER..." Kudos to you Wendy, for raising such a wonderful family!
From Nebraska, I flew out to southern California; my uncle passed away and his memorial service was over Labor Day weekend. It was a great chance to visit with family I hadn't seen in years, including several cousins:(And just in case any of you are wondering when I'm going to grow up and get a job, I DID talk to two organizations out in California about positions they have available...)

I flew back on Sunday night, and on Labor Day we all got together for dinner at Jeremy, Holly and Abigail's house:
Some things in Nebraska have stayed the same: if you buy a car, just make your own sign to let the authorities know you're driving legally:

Miles driven to Nebraska: 621
Miles driven while in Nebraska: 416
Miles traveled by air: 1,772
Length of trip: 11 days
Total miles driven: 1,037
States where my tires touched the ground: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, California

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