Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sleeping Beauty...

On the last night of my trip last week, it became clear to me that I had stayed at one too many Hampton Inn hotels that trip. Now, I like the Hampton Inn. Simple, safe, reasonable, familiar, convenient...anyway, as I was checking in for my last night on the road, the nice clerk said "Oh, we've upgraded your room. You'll be staying in the Triad Room."

First of all, I didn't even know the Hampton Inn had upgraded rooms. And second, the upgrade was completely wasted on me - I checked in about 11:15pm and when the clerk perkily asked if I'd like a wakeup call I said "Yes, please; 4:30am."
Anyway, when I got to the illustrious Triad Room, here was the exciting upgrade: Look! It's a bedroom AND a meeting room! It has a murphy bed that we have conveniently prepared for you, complete with its own hydraulic system to fold it in up into the wall in case you want to sleep on the couch or rollerblade around your oversized room! You even have your very own dry erase board!
And all I wanted was a bed to sleep in. :)

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