Friday, June 15, 2007

Just Head Down the Dirt Road that Leads to Nowhere

It's not true, of course. The dirt road leads to Dave and Lori's house in Maryland, up near West Virginia. Louise and I headed up on June 8 to help Nathan and Alex celebrate their baptism on Sabbath. Boy, was it nice to get out of the city! But after hearing about Lori's skill at shooting a copperhead snake from the kitchen window, you can bet I watched where my feet were going!

On Sabbath afternoon, we took off over the hills and through the woods to a relative's house for cake and ice cream. That's where Louise and I met C.J., who was so adorable I wanted to pack him up and take him home! A typical 4 year-old, he was playing with a plastic lawn mower out in the front yard, when he decided to "mow" the dog's tail.

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