Friday, June 8, 2007

Things I Never Knew I Missed...

Last week, as I was driving from Tampa to Orlando, I was reminded of something I experienced for many years in the Midwest: bugs on the windshield.

For the last five and a half years, I haven't had to scrub the glass with that convenient squeegee every time I fill the gas tank. Maybe it's because it's a different climate, maybe it's because the pollution in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. has killed off smaller life forms. But it brought back memories of long drives on open roads, with the occasional Flying J or TA Truck Stop along the way. Long live the buggy windshield!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Great entries, kiddo! I'm enjoying them. By the way, did you know about Joy and Drue's new adventure? Here's their blog addy: Go to Ship's Log to read their posts. Not sure I get it completely, though.