Thursday, June 7, 2007

So in other news, I quit my job...

OK, so "quit my job" may be a little dramatic. Technically, I gave a month's notice. And, just in case you have questions, I will conduct an impromptu interview with myself:

KAE: So, Kristine, what's this all about? You quit your job?
Kristine: That's right! As of June 15, I will no longer be employed.

KAE: Wait a you have another job you're heading to?
Kristine: Nope.

KAE: ?!?
Kristine: It may sound crazy, but I DO have a plan!

KAE: And that plan would be?
Kristine: Well, I'll be taking a few months off to decompress and decide what I want to do next. And I'd love to take a couple trips to visit friends around the country (friends, be warned!). And maybe an international trip...we'll see what happens.

KAE: Where will you live? Are you staying in Maryland?
Kristine: No, I'll be moving my things to Texas. Can't think of a better place for my home base: storage is cheap, rent is REALLY reasonable at my parent's house (thanks, mom and dad!), there's all that blue sky and, of course, it's home and it's TEXAS! I'll be working through the 15th, then I'll have a couple weeks to pack and wrap things up around here before leaving Maryland at the end of June.

KAE: Wait a minute...I think I'm having deja vu - did you do this once before?
Kristine: Yes. Yes I did. But at that time, I'd already booked the international trip! My friend Heidi and I went to England and Scotland - a totally awesome experience!

KAE: Isn't it easier to find a job when you have a job?
Kristine: Maybe. But I'm very employable. Of course, I may be somewhat biased. :) Seriously, though, I was able to save some money to do this. And it's a great blessing to be able to take the time...

KAE: Well, Kristine, I wish you all the best.
Kristine: Thank you, KAE, I appreciate that!

So, there you have it. :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Okay, Texan, what's your travel itinerary???

Jonathan Brauer said...

Who's KAE? :)